About Us

We are crazy about quality and practical sustainbility

An idea got us going...

In 2015 we met a guy who had this idea about growing greens inside, stacked in urban environments. We loved it, and started to look into the idea. No doubt, back then, neither investors, nor consumers were ready, and it was massively expensive.

The basis of this idea was of course the now very famous book by Dickson Despommiers from 2010, which had a vision of vertical farming as a solution to many of the problems facing us today


Fast forward to 2019, the world had caught on and we were ready to get involved again. This time with some serious Danish partners, making our facility a uniquely Danish venture, something we are proud of, coming from a farmers country with not only proud traditions but also a proven reputation for innovation. We want to stand on the shoulders of that knowledge.

And thats what this is all about - innovation and progress - food should be great, not just necessary,

Our aim is to be part of the change - the change for a better more sustainable world. We cannot solve all problems but we can contribute, in steps, no a revolution.

We want to aspire and inspire, to go for quality and sustainability and be part of the movement, which provides the food of the future today. And then test the limits of whats possible in a vertical farming setup.

We are a bit nuts about greens...


We are testing not only how to grow but also when and how long time to grow, which crops can we grow and still produce great quality to our standards and keep our divine investors happy.

We work with both industrial companies, educational institutions, public and private laboratories and science institutions, gaining insights and knowledge to improve and optimize the processes which will become a great tasting lettuce leaf in your salad or the basil which made a difference for your pesto.

It's all in a days work...